by Rick Field, Council Chair
Your Church Council continues a series of planning retreats to help us improve our ministries. Author Simon Sinek notes that we become too immersed in “What” we are doing. We should start with “Why” then “How”.

OUR “WHY”: At Philadelphia United Methodist Church, we make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the World
OUR “HOW”: by Worshiping in Love, Growing in Love, and Serving in Love.

Your council is ensuring that we view the “What” (each activity of the church) through the lens of “Why” and “How”. If an activity does not support our mission of making Disciples of Christ, or fit our vision of worshiping in love, growing in love, and serving in love, then we should consider doing it in a way that best fits our mission and vision, or replace it with something that does.

Our challenge as brothers and sisters of Christ is to build our church in ways that are deeper than personal relationships within our congregation. Our challenge is to be mission driven, making Disciples in all we do. In Christian Love, we worship together, grow in knowledge and faith, and go out and serve the needs of others. What we do is important. But why we do it, and how we do it must create the environment for everything. Watch for more to come on new initiatives that will create more opportunities to worship, grow and serve together in Christian love.