In our prayer life, in our Bible Study classes and when confronted with life’s ups and downs, I have observed that we ask God all sorts of questions: Why me? Why do bad things happen to “good” people? What should I do?
However, we rarely reflect on the questions Jesus asks us. For instance, the first question Jesus asks in the Gospel according to John is: “What are you looking for?” (JOHN 1:38)

How you would respond to this question? What is it we want? What do we truly desire? The abundance of tragic and horrific events that have taken place in our world remind us daily that each day is precious. How we spend each day is important. Jesus asks: What is it that is most important in our lives? What are you looking for? In seeking to answer questions like this, we will better understand ourselves, what we believe, how we are to live in today’s world, and we will draw closer to God.

I invite you to join me on Sundays for worship during the season of Lent as together we explore some of the transformative questions Jesus asks.

Strengthened by God’s Love,
Pastor Becky