Nursing Home and Homebound Ministry


The mission of this ministry is to be a reminder of God’s presence and love through acts of compassion and kindness touching one life at a time through the development of a caring relationship formed between a member of this ministry team and an adult for whom it can be difficult to leave home.

How We Serve

Volunteers are asked to “adopt” one or more adults who are not able to get out and about due to a variety of reasons including illness and persons living in residential care.  It is a ministry of presence, care and compassion that is a blessing to those who are serving as well as to those who are being served.  The ministry is carried out in a variety of ways, including:

  • making phone calls
  • sending cards
  • celebrating special occasions (ex: birthdays and anniversaries)
  • delivering communion elements and sharing in the sacrament with the person visited
  • visit in the personal homes or retirement homes

In all these ways, volunteers are engaged in spreading God’s love and care to folks who are not able to get to church themselves on a regular basis.

Do you have the Gift of Compassion?

If you have the gift of compassion and would enjoy sharing a bit of your time with someone, please consider this important ministry. Volunteers who serve in this ministry share delightful conversations with the persons they call and visit – conversations about their lives and families, concerns, faith and prayers.  The time goes by so quickly whether sharing a cup of tea and cookies together in the home of the adult being visited, eating lunch together at the retirement home or simply chatting on the phone or sitting together in a relaxed atmosphere. Life is always made richer by the time spent with brothers and sisters in faith sharing the love of Christ with one another.

Training is available from the Nurture Team for those who wish to engage in this ministry.

For more information, complete the request form, or contact Eve Chapman (