Growing in Love: These stained glass windows honor the late evangelist Rev. Billy Graham’s grandfather Archibald Graham, who grew up in our church.

When our old wooden church was replaced by a brick building in 1942, stained glass windows were installed in the sanctuary in memory and in honor of past and present members of Philadelphia. When our current sanctuary was built in 2006, these windows were preserved and installed in the Narthex and Parlor. This month we feature the Graham Window. Did you know the late Billy Graham’s grandfather was a member of PUMC?
In future months we will feature other memorial windows and the families that are a part of the legacy of our
church. Stop by the Narthex and parlor and spend a little time observing these memorials for some of the Saints
who helped make Philadelphia a place of worship through the ages. Contact Doug Chapman, Historian,, for more information.